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Top 10 reasons to not write a will

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Another light-hearted post from Dr. Tom Deans, author and well-known speaker.

I particularly like this one:

9. If you die (I say “if” because you may be the first to live forever) the grieving process is enriched when family hunts through your personal files and possessions in an attempt to figure out what you owned. This is like a scavenger hunt but with more zeros. After the hunt, some might say they’d like to bring you back from the dead and kill you themselves – but they’re just having fun. This is a game the whole family can play. In truth, it’s a game the whole family will play because everyone wants to make sure others get more. 

Note that on Jan 8th, we’re bringing Dr. Deans to Halifax for an entertaining look at how families can start the conversation of leaving more than money.  Register here:

Written by Dan Jennings

December 15, 2014 at 4:18 pm

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